A Brazilian mom in Spain. Oh Mother!

A Brazilian mom in Spain. Oh Mother!

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My motherhood arrived when it had to arrive, much later than the rest ofbrazilian women, and somewhat later than the Spanish. Having a child is not complicated at all in Spain; What's more, in Spain everything is well planned, both in terms of health, education and leisure.

The difficult thing about a motherhood outside your country is the loneliness that one has to live with her baby, her doubts and concerns. At the end of the day, as Argentina affirms Laura gutman in his book "Motherhood and the encounter with one's own shadow"When a woman becomes a mother, she needs a tribe to feel more at home, clothed, embraced and protected.

Maternity has no nationality. Just married, my husband and I decided to move our house from Brazil to Spain because we wanted above all to learn. Over the years, we have realized that many of the Brazilians who come here end up staying. Not only the language is similar, but also the way of life of both countries.

Although Spain is barely a quarter of Brazil there is many similarities of life between the two countries. In general, the Spanish family is matriarchal like the Brazilian, most decisions regarding children are made by mothers. And of course, that is what has always been lived in society. Women always came together to support and help each other. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors, friends ...

One of the women that I also missed to take care of my daughter, in addition to my mother and friends, was a caregiver. In Brazil, it is very common for the mother to have a helper at home, both for housework and childcare. As a child, I have always had someone to take care of me when my mother was not at home. In Spain, that was not so easy at first. It used to be and continues to be cheaper for families, leaving their young children in a nursery, where mothers exchange information and advice with the monitors and other parents, when dropping off or picking up their child.

When one becomes a mother, it is very natural to start looking for other mothers with whom to share experiences, doubts and information. As I knew very little about the world of babies, I was going to look in books and on the Internet, something about the various care of babies. As a journalist that I am, I realized that on the Internet, such a universal medium that grew by long strides, there was nothing that could help mothers like me. It was then that the idea came to me of building a space where all mothers, of indistinct races, nationalities, social classes and entities could share ideas and doubts about the world of their children. To this space that I had just given birth, I called it GuiaInfantil, this digital magazine that more than 5 million families help me build, day after day.

Thanks to my daughter Clara, my life in Spain and the support of my husband, I have achieved break down communication barriers between parents around the world. Nothing like being among people who share their love, their doubts, their concerns and concerns for their children. On our site I found my tribe.

Vilma Medina. Founder and Director of our site

If you are also a mom around the world, we invite you to write your experience and send it to us by email along with a photo of you with your children. Your story will be reviewed and published on site.

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