The best hotels and restaurants in Florence for children

The best hotels and restaurants in Florence for children

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Florence offers so many accommodation options that the problem will be deciding what we want. Of all budgets and types, here you will find the hostel, hotel or apartment you are looking for, including fun themed hotels for children.

At lunchtime, the children will be the first to enjoy the pizzas and ice creams, but you will soon see that in Florence you can eat delicious, healthy and without spending a lot of money. Enjoy Bella Italia!

Florence is one of the cities with the most hotel beds per inhabitant in the world. Unfortunately, the large number of hotels does not mean that accommodation is especially cheap.

Actually, in Florence we can find hotels or apartments somewhat cheaper than in nearby cities such as Rome or Venice, even so, a normal double room, about 15 minutes from the old town can cost around 60 or 70 euros per night.

When traveling with children to Florence, the ideal is to be as close to the center as possible, but logically, prices will increase as we get closer, unless we opt for a hostel or a 'bed and breakfast', some of which they are pretty good.

Florence also has a very wide range of apartments in all neighborhoods, which is a very successful option if our stay is going to be more than 4 days or we have very young children and we want a little more freedom.

Another option, if what we have in mind is to visit the Tuscany area, is to stay in an agritourism on the outskirts of Florence, in contact with nature. From there we can go to the center to make the visits we want or enjoy the tranquility of the most rural Italy.

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world and is characterized by being very popular with children and adults. Everywhere you will find places where you can taste pizza and artisan ice cream, two of the essentials in Florentine gastronomy.

In addition to the pizzerias, you will see many places of ‘pizza al taglio’ or pizza al corte, where it is very cheap to buy portions to take away. Another interesting option is the trattorías or small family restaurants where you usually eat well and cheaply.

Of course, there are also many very good restaurants in Florence where you can taste Tuscan delicacies à la carte. You can finish a meal with ‘buon sabore’ by having a delicious cappuccino or a shot of limoncello, the famous Italian lemon liqueur.

Of course, if you want to eat well without paying too much, avoid the most expensive areas of the city, such as Piazza Della Repubblica and Piazza Della Signoria.

When calculating the amount of meals, keep in mind that in Italy it is customary to charge a supplement for service (coperto) and between 10 and 16% taxes, which sometimes are included in the price and other times, not .

If you liked Italian gastronomy and you want to buy a product to take home, compare the delicious oils, the hundreds of types of pasta or the cold cuts and cheeses. You will remember the trip even more when you are savoring them in your city.

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