Trip to Prague with children, guide for the whole family

Trip to Prague with children, guide for the whole family

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In the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is a fairytale destination. A place to lose yourself in the family and feel suddenly in another time.

Known as the city of a hundred towers, Prague allows us to see its idyllic physiognomy from a hundred points, something that children will love, surrounded by castles, medieval buildings and legends.

With more than a million inhabitants, Prague retains a medieval air thanks to its towers, castles and cobbled streets. An ideal setting in which to enjoy delicious cuisine –with German and Austrian touches-, visit museums, surprise yourself with the repertoire of the astronomical clock or simply let yourself be carried away by the city.

The Czech capital can be seen in a weekend (selecting the most interesting areas) or enjoyed more calmly in four or five days. In either option you cannot miss more than a walk through the Old City, to get lost in the Town Hall Square, the Church of Týn and the Astronomical Clock.

If you are lucky enough to have more time to enjoy Prague with children, take the Pet? In funicular - also known as the flying chairs - which will take you to the Prague Zoo in a fun way.

Follow the tips we provide in this Prague guide and make the most of the city during your stay with children. You will know what to see, where to sleep, what to eat, how to save money on transport, etc.

If you want to see photos of the monuments and places of tourist interest in Prague, click HERE and consult our image gallery.

Photographs: Tourist Office of the Czech Republic:

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